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It is common knowledge that teachers use their own financial resources to buy necessary resources for their classrooms even though their salaries are lower than other professionals. We started the Teacher Mini-Grants so that teachers would have extra funds to innovate in the classroom and drive student success..

Jefferson Area teachers and staff were encouraged to apply for $300 mini-grants that would provide resources to drive the goals of the Jefferson Success Pathway. We were amazed by the strength of all of the applications that we received. This semester we could only give three grants but hope to give more in the fall of 2016.

Today three Jefferson Area teachers were given $300 each to help area students succeed academically.

Alicia Killcoyne, Jefferson Junior/Senior High School

Killcoyne’s project is focused on writing with her 10th grade students. Materials will be purchased so students can create writing portfolios that will be scored and evaluated regularly. This project aligns to the college and career readiness goal that all students will graduate high school confident and competent for college or career.

Laura Lane, Lumberg Elementary School

Lane is a learning specialist who supports students who are behind grade level in math. Her project is designed to increase students’ math skills by targeting specific areas of needs and gaps through targeted intervention. She will be purchasing an online tool to track learning progress as well as “Do the Math” curriculum for students who are struggling in math. This project aligns to the 5th grade math goal that all students will demonstrate grade level math skills by the end of 5th grade.

Malachi McCabe, Lumberg Elementary School

McCabe’s project is focused on students who are behind in math. His project will provide instruction in basic math skills for students who are unable to access the general math curriculum due to lack of knowledge of foundational mathematical skills. He will be purchasing the “Do the Math” curriculum for the students that he works with. This project aligns to the 5th grade math goal that all students will demonstrate grade level math skills by the end of 5th grade.

We will follow up with each of these teachers in late spring to gauge the effectiveness of the projects. All funds raised during Edgewater 5k on May 21 will go toward Teacher Mini-Grants in the fall of 2016. More details on the Edgewater 5k here. 

Congratulations to these three teachers!

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