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Jefferson Junior/Senior High School
2305 Pierce Street, Edgewater

Enter through the main doors on the east side of the school and check in with school security. The Jefferson Community Center is located in the northeast corner of Jefferson just past the cafeteria.



The Vision

The Big Idea: Parents Advance in their Career and Thrive

Too often we focus on our communication with parents on how they can get involved with their child’s education. What if we flipped this upside down and concentrated on helping parents advance in their career or find a new career so they can thrive? As parents experience success themselves, they will be more motivated to engage in their child’s education.

The goal of the Jefferson Community Center at Jefferson Junior/Senior High School in Edgewater is to connect parents to resources and training so they can thrive in their career and life. Our hope is enhance the supports already available and connect them with parents.

The Jefferson Community Center is truly a collaborative effort between multiple organizations that partner on the Jefferson Success Pathway.

Community Schools

The Jefferson Community Center is part of a broader effort at Jefferson Junior/Senior High School to become a Community School. The six pillars of a Community School are:

  1. Strong and proven curriculum
  2. High-quality teaching
  3. Inclusive leadership
  4. Positive behavior practices
  5. Family and community partnerships
  6. Community support services