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Our Mission

Cultivating partnerships to foster thriving Edgewater families, schools and community

Thriving Families, Schools and Community

In each community, there are challenges and opportunities that cannot be overcome or leveraged by one business, nonprofit or government agency. When we come together around a common goal with defined indicators of success, challenges can be overcome and opportunities can be leveraged.

Edgewater Collective is cultivating partnerships for thriving families, schools and community. We do this through providing tools and forums for connection, communication and collaboration.

Together we can leverage the great assets of Edgewater to overcome its challenges so that all can thrive in our city!

Current Projects

Thriving Families

  • Monthly Parent Seminars: We listen to the needs and interests of parents and bring in high quality presenters to train and empower parents. These seminars have covered topics like starting businesses, immigration and family finances.
  • Resource Navigator: Our Community Liaison Germán Zárate-Bohórquez is connecting with parents in the area and helping them develop action plans so they can meet their family goals. We have noticed this to be a real need among Latino, Spanish speaking parents in our area.

Thriving Schools

  • Jefferson Success Pathway: Edgewater Collective is the backbone organization working behind the scenes to bring organizations and community partners together around the goal that all kids in the 80214 zip code succeed from cradle to career.
  • Connecting Resources to Schools: Each year we give out Teacher Mini-Grants to Jefferson Area teachers to help them accomplish their holistic classroom goals. We also work to connect community volunteers into our schools and find highly effective programs to compliment the great work our schools are doing

Thriving Community

  • Empowering Citizen-Led Projects: We’ve found that the best way to impact our community is to empower and resource the ideas of Edgewater residents. Currently, we are assisting Jeannette Sanchez and other residents with the Edgewater Books Nooks project to encourage literacy and help neighbors connect with each other.
  • Edgewater Echo: We started the Edgewater Echo as an online newspaper for the Edgewater community. Our hope is that the Edgewater Echo will strengthen our community through providing good news stories of what is happening around our great city. As the tag line reads, our desire is to tell the stories of Edgewater’s past, while looking to our future as a city.

Value of Inclusion and Diversity

We are a common good organization which strives to be inclusive of all and value the beauty of diversity.

We welcome all who want to see a thriving Edgewater. It is our hope to offer equal opportunity to all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, gender identifications, abilities, incomes, marital statuses and ages in all levels of staff and governance.