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Collective Thank You

Our 2016 highlights would be impossible without the people and organizations that are partnering with our mission of thriving Edgewater families, schools and community. So with this year’s report, I wanted to start with some thank you’s:

Our Board: I’m so thankful for our board members (Grant Babb, Robert Case, Camille Howells, Chris Mendez, Jesus Ornelas and Joan Seivert) and the wisdom and experience they bring to this team.

The Daniels Fund: This year the Daniels Fund doubled their investment in our Jefferson Success Pathway efforts. Our work in education would not be possible without their partnership.

Our Community Partners: There are over 30 organizations investing in children cradle to career in the 80214 area. We are so thankful for their work and the tireless hours they invest in this community and its children. Special thank you to Jefferson Unitarian Church and your investment in our area and the Lumberg Reading Club.

Teachers and School Staff: I am so thankful for the teachers and school staff in the 80214 area. They truly care deeply about children and their success. They have an extremely hard task of educating children who have many different roadblocks in front of them from family poverty to language barriers and immigration struggles.

Followers, Business Sponsors and Donors: You are part of this unfolding story here in Edgewater. Whether you give $5 or $100, read our email updates or follow us on social media, you are part of Edgewater Collective.

Click here to continue reading our Highlights of 2016 Report.

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