Reading Initiatives Don’t Stop in Third Grade

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Though we focus a lot of energy on increasing grade level reading by the end of 3rd grade, reading initiatives don’t stop there. We were honored to support the efforts of Jefferson Junior/Senior High School Teacher/Librarian Wendee Walter-Vezzetti and other teachers in increasing reading over the holidays.

The goal of the reading program over the holiday break was to have students read for 20 minutes a day. This is aligned with efforts at Jefferson Junior/Senior High School to increase literacy skills among students.

On Friday, January 13, the thirty students who completed the reading challenge received a delicious lunch from Tamale Kitchen in Edgewater as their reward. Thanks to our supporters and donors we were able to cover the cost of the lunch.

As our schools move into a new phase of continued efforts to raise student achievement with fewer dollars per student than surrounding school districts, funds for initiatives like this become even more important.

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