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At Edgewater Collective, our mission is cultivating partnerships for thriving Edgewater families, schools and community.

Our Projects: Education and Communication

In 2015, much of our energy is focused on providing behind the scenes support for the Jefferson Success Pathway. This is a group of organizations and individuals committed to working together to see that each child in the Jefferson Area succeeds from cradle to career. The Jefferson Area consists of the schools in the 80214 zip code (Molholm Elementary, Edgewater Elementary, Lumberg Elementary and Jefferson Jr/Sr High). Our role in this effort is to provide the communication and coordination to keep the partnership moving forward.

Click here for more information on the Jefferson Success Pathway.

Communication is a growth area for any organization. Our hope is to develop a communication platform for partnerships and organizations in Edgewater. Edgewater Collective publishes an online newspaper for the Edgewater community called the Edgewater Echo. We spotlight local businesses, tell stories of what is happening in the community and get the word out about upcoming events. In the past we have also developed websites for partnerships like Edgewater Walks.

Click here to visit the Edgewater Echo.

Our dream is that every resident of Edgewater has the ability to thrive. Edgewater Collective plays a behind the scenes role in cultivating partnerships so that this dream of a thriving community can become reality.