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Our vision is that our small city of less than a square mile can be a place where everyone has a chance to thrive.

How do we accomplish this?

Instead of starting our own programs, we are committed to bringing people and organizations together to demolish the roadblocks that prevent people from thriving. In a small community like ours, no entity or individual can function alone.

The Education Challenge

Students and families in our area are struggling to overcome the challenges of an inadequate amount of income. Family income is the biggest indicator of success in school. How do we overcome this so that every child can succeed into a great career? We are bringing individuals and organizations together to work toward common goals, so that every child in our area can succeed from cradle to career. You can find out more about this exciting project at Jefferson Success Pathway.

Go Together

The Communication Challenge

Do Edgewater residents know about the great small businesses in town? Does our community know about upcoming events where they can meet neighbors and participate in community life? Do new residents know the stories from Edgewater’s history? We launched the Edgewater Echo over two years ago to tell the stories and happenings around Edgewater. We believe that informing our community about ways to plug in, find resources and make a difference is an important step toward Edgewater being a place where everyone has a chance to thrive.

Partner with Us

As you look toward your end of year giving, would you consider donating to our work in the Edgewater community? We are hoping to raise $30,000 in this next month to continue working toward an Edgewater where everyone can thrive.

Click here for information about how you can donate this season.

You can also participate in Colorado Gives Day coming on December 8 by donating to Edgewater Collective.


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