Choicing Out of Jefferson High School

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Jefferson High School is the neighborhood high school in Edgewater. It opened in 1955 when two high schools, Edgewater and Mountair, combined into one new high school. Last year 567 students attended Jefferson High School and a high majority of those students received free/reduced lunch rates because of some measure of poverty…

Measuring Success

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How do we measure success in education? Opinions around testing and Common Core abound, but one thing we can agree on is that we need to find a way to measure success in education. Without measures of success, we can’t keep each other accountable and ultimately this won’t help children progress…

Lumberg After School Opportunities

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Volunteer opportunity description: Looking for volunteers from high school age on up to help students with homework and reading after school at Lumberg Elementary School

The Class of 2018

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In my role leading Edgewater Collective, I wake up each morning thinking about this education ecosystem and how we can help ALL kids in our area succeed from cradle to career. My role is to connect the dots between communities, organizations, families and schools. A piece of this work is looking…

Jovial Futures Opportunities

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Volunteer opportunity description: Need volunteers to help facilitate our weekly meetings at Wheat Ridge 5-8. Volunteers will be working with a middle school student helping them to discover their “spark” or passion and encouraging them academically. We also need volunteers to help with making phone calls, organizing speakers and tracking students progress….

Homelessness in Our Backyard

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Today the Denver Post released a sobering look at homeless families titled “Trying to Live, Trying to Learn.” Take the time to read this important story of families within our community who are struggling to survive. Watch the video to see the faces of the children and parents. The families chronicled…

Jovial Gardens Opportunities

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Volunteer opportunity description: Like to get your hands dirty? Want to learn more about organic gardening, and help beautify and feed your community at the same time? Well, we have the volunteer opportunity for you!!

Keeping an Open Mind

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I stepped into the school and immediately knew something was different. As I walked down the quiet hallway, college banners hung over each doorway. My guide took me into a big meeting room and a few seconds later, excited students rushed into the room led by their teachers. The students…

Confronting the Brutal Facts

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When we moved to Edgewater, we wanted to enroll our daughters in our neighborhood elementary school. But when we looked at the Great Schools website and found that they rated Lumberg Elementary as a 2 out of 10, we honestly thought twice about whether to send our daughters to Lumberg….

Aspen Trees and Collective Impact

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Last summer we moved into our home in Edgewater, and thankfully, the backyard landscaping looked beautiful. Four aspen trees were planted in the backyard and seemed to be growing well. After a year of fast growth, we began to realize a problem with the trees. They were planted right below the…