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Last week we released the third annual Jefferson Community Report on cradle to career milestones and student achievement in the Jefferson Area schools in 80214. Based on the data and achievement gaps in our area, the focus is on kindergarten to third grade and the teaching practices that are most successful for math and literacy.

This spring we are partnering with our elementary schools to invest in professional development and learning spaces at Edgewater Elementary, Lumberg Elementary and Molholm Elementary. School budgets are very tight at this point in the school year so targeted investments can be very effective.

We are looking for community members and businesses to partner with us on two specific projects with the aim of developing teachers and renovating learning environments for professional development. We believe these investments will have a direct impact on teachers, and as a result, increasing learning of their students.

Investing in Professional Development for K-3rd Grade Teachers

Only about 20% of 3rd grade students are reading at grade level at the Jefferson Area elementary schools (Edgewater, Lumberg and Molholm). Many of these students started school behind in the skills necessary to do well in school.

Therefore, we are raising funds for four Kindergarten through 3rd grade teachers from each of these schools to attend a literacy training conference this spring.

The funds will go toward:
– 3 teachers from each elementary school attending Colorado Council of the International Reading Association Conference (CCIRA)
– 1 teacher from each elementary school attending Jefferson for Colorado Association for Bilingual Education Conference(CABE)
– Paying for substitutes while these teachers attend the conferences

Our area teachers care deeply for the children in their classrooms and this training opportunity will go a long way toward helping teachers develop their skills. As a result, children will catch up in their reading and literacy skills.

Click here to donate toward sending teachers to literacy conferences. 

Renovating Teacher Learning Spaces at Molholm Elementary

Molholm Elementary School was built in 1954 and the age of the building is really starting to show. The spaces in the school where teachers and staff come together for professional development and learning are not inspiring or comfortable. The library space is the largest meeting room in the school beyond the cafeteria or gym and is also in need of renovation. We believe that this is the perfect project for the community around Molholm and the Two Creeks Neighborhood. The renovations would not be major, but we believe that with the right resources and artwork from the community, these spaces could be inspiring and comfortable for both teacher and student learning.

We are looking for artists, interior decorators and others to form a team that would put together a budget and design for the space. Then we would rally the community for the funds and people power necessary to complete the project.

Contact Joel Newton ( or 303-748-0631) if you would like to join the design team.

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