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As we started the 2017-2018 school year, our collective work with the Jefferson Success Pathway turned to focus on bright spots in the classroom and scaling up those instructional practices which are helping all students succeed. The first two years of our effort was focused on bringing partners together and investing in wraparound programs that helped our students and families. Over the past two years we have seen partner organizations receive funding for complementary, collaborative efforts focused on wraparound supports for students and families. This allows us to focus on academic achievement knowing that others are working to make sure that families are healthy and well supported.

This report will outline the progress made toward our pathway goals and data indicators which allow us to see what is working and needs to be scaled to other classrooms and schools. Many of our students face the roadblocks of poverty but this should not be an excuse. We are seeing success in specific classrooms so we know it is possible for our students to succeed academically. This work is hard yet our students and families deserve our very best. We still see large gaps in academic achievement and it will take our community working TOGETHER so all students in 80214 can succeed from cradle to career.

Click here to read the full report.

About the Jefferson Success Pathway

The Jefferson Success Pathway is a coalition of community members, nonprofit organizations, county agencies and Jeffco Public Schools staff devoted to seeing all kids in the 80214 zip code succeed from cradle to career. We believe that by aligning all community members around a common vision and keeping them accountable to goals and indicators, ALL children can succeed from cradle to career.

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