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Targeted Resources: Jefferson Job Fair

  As part of our College Jumpstart project with our great partner organizations, we are bringing targeted resources to assist Jefferson students with the transition from high school to college or a career path. Today we brought in multiple local businesses for a Jefferson Job Fair for juniors and seniors….

Four More Years

On March 13, 2017, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

  Today marks four years of serving with the Edgewater community and supporting our local schools. On March 13, 2013 our board signed the incorporation documents to launch our nonprofit. The documents were signed at a space just two doors down from our current office which was formerly known as…

Thriving Schools, Thriving Community: 2016 Highlights

On February 9, 2017, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

Collective Thank You Our 2016 highlights would be impossible without the people and organizations that are partnering with our mission of thriving Edgewater families, schools and community. So with this year’s report, I wanted to start with some thank you’s: Our Board: I’m so thankful for our board members (Grant…

Edgewater Talent Show

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  To kick off the Edgewater Community Festival, we are organizing an Edgewater Talent Show for Friday night, May 12 at Jefferson Junior/Senior High School. This talent show will be open to all ages and performances in three categories: Variety, Voice and Music. Stay tuned to details on how you…

Training Up the Next Generation: Looking for Interviewers

On January 20, 2017, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

We are working with Jefferson Junior/Senior High School and the American Job Center to train and equip Jefferson Senior High students to be prepared for the workforce. On January 25, students will go through training on how to be prepared and succeed in a job interview. Then the next week,…

Reading Initiatives Don’t Stop in Third Grade

On January 17, 2017, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

Though we focus a lot of energy on increasing grade level reading by the end of 3rd grade, reading initiatives don’t stop there. We were honored to support the efforts of Jefferson Junior/Senior High School Teacher/Librarian Wendee Walter-Vezzetti and other teachers in increasing reading over the holidays. The goal of…

Rockets and Inspiring Teachers

On January 5, 2017, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

This fall, I was inspired as I watched National Geographic’s television show “Mars” with our daughters. The last scene in the show is Space X founder Elon Musk watching one of their rocket launches with their full team. You can watch this scene here: The tension in the room is palatable…

Give a Book: Jefferson Area Teacher Reception

On January 3, 2017, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

One thing we have heard loud and clear from teachers is that they need high quality books for their classrooms. With our work with the Jefferson Success Pathway and the goal of seeing 3rd grade reading scores increase among area students, this is a need we would love to see…

Thank You!

On December 7, 2016, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

  Thank you so much for your support and donations on December 6 for Colorado Gives Day! Thanks to your support we raised $3,755 which will be matched by our generous anonymous donor bringing the total for Colorado Gives Day donations to $7,510! Your support enables us to invest even…

Educate Local: School Bridges

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This week we have been writing about our three focus areas for connecting our thriving community to our neighborhood schools so they will thrive. We are raising up School Champions to share school success stories and change the narrative about our neighborhood schools. We are also committed to raising more…