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In the beginning, we picked “Collective” as part of our name because we wanted to be a community based nonprofit where local residents and business owners would play an important role in the work. We are recruiting members to provide a way for people like you to become personally a part of the work we are collectively doing in the Edgewater community. Becoming a member of Edgewater Collective shows your desire to join this important work of creating a thriving Edgewater for all.

Why Edgewater Collective?
Over four years ago, we launched Edgewater Collective to connect our small community’s assets with our biggest challenges. Our mission is to cultivate partnerships for thriving Edgewater families, schools and community. Our work focuses on three main projects in the Edgewater area:

Benefits of Membership

  • Your business logo on the Edgewater Echo home page
  • Business sponsorship of the Edgewater 5k and Edgewater Community Festival
  • An Edgewater t-shirt or hat of your choice ($20 value)
  • Regular e-newsletters highlighting our work and how your employees can become involved
  • Above all, you will have a voice and role to play in creating a thriving Edgewater

Business Membership Fee for 2017

Your membership fee goes toward covering the general operating expenses of our organization so we can continue our mission of seeing a thriving Edgewater for all.

Click here to sign up to become an Edgewater Collective member.

Edgewater Collective Board reserves the right to deny membership to businesses that operate contrary to the values of the organization.

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